PA501: Amiga 500/500+ Memory and RTC Board

Here you can buy a modern re-creation of an Amiga 500/500+ trapdoor memory board. It is very similar in function to a Commodore A501 from the 1980s, providing 512 KB of memory and a real-time-clock (RTC). Many original A501s have become damaged from battery acid leakage, so a modern replacement is created here.

Optionally, you may order the 1 megabyte version, suitable for the A500+. This gives a machine total of 2.0 MB CHIP RAM, the maximum possible.

This board is sold without a battery, but it takes a very common CR2032 coin cell, which you can buy at any hardware store. I have put an effort into design and component selection to ensure the RTC uses a minimal amount of power. A good quality 240mAh lithium cell will last around 6 years! A battery is not required for the memory to work.


A500: 512 KB

A500+: 1.0 MB

Real Time Clock (M6242 compatible)

Uses CR2032 Battery (long life)

Small size: 38 x 89 mm

Jumper settings without soldering

Full 89mm height to fit trapdoor properly

Rounded corners so you don't poke an eye out


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JP Name Explanation
1 (RED) CLOCK Removing this jumper disables the RTC (real-time-clock) on this board. Do this if you prefer to use the clock on your A500+ motherboard. A normal A500 doesn't have an RTC on the motherboard. You can disable the A500+ RTC by joining JP9 on its motherboard.
2 (BLU) ENABLE A500: Makes the memory on the board act as SLOW RAM rather than CHIP RAM.
A500+: No effect.
3 (YEL) 1MB A500: Keep it connected.
A500+: Enables the extra 512KB memory for A500+. Removing this jumper will run a A500+ with a total of 1.5 MB CHIP RAM instead of 2.0 MB.


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