PiBUS - A Raspberry Pi-BMW Interface Board

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Special HiFi Edition ♬♪♫ For Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

This special version of the PiBUS board adds a high-end 24-bit 192-KHz stereo DAC.

You can think of this like an extra sound card for your Pi. The DAC used is a Texas Instruments PCM5102 (audiophile grade!), which allows the Raspberry Pi to output a high quality signal to your amplifier, better than what the Raspberry Pi can normally deliver.

These boards are supplied assembled (no soldering required), but you will need to install a few wires and the software. Please read the details thoroughly so you understand exactly what you're getting.

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PiBUS4 Board
TRRS (4-pole) cable (photo)
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Here's the list of inclusions:
  1. Assembled PiBUS 4 HiFi board.
  2. Two nylon stand-offs and four screws.
  3. A 3-pin 60cm cable to connect to the BMW TV module (DIY installation required).
  4. 3 BMW-style crimp pins for the above cable.

What's NOT included?

  • The Raspberry Pi itself - buy it from Element 14 for approx $35, plus an SD card.
  • A short 4-pole cable (also known as a TRRS cable). Get one on ebay or aliexpress for $2 or use the order form above to include one with your PiBUS board for an extra fee.
  • A case or housing.
  • Software installation - you need to do it yourself.

What exactly does it do?

It's an all-in-one solution that plugs right ontop of the Raspberry Pi and it:


TV-Module cable installation

A 3-pin cable and crimp pins are supplied. You need to crimp or solder these to the wires and then insert them into the TV module white and blue plugs.

There are three wires to be inserted into the TV module plugs.

Blue Plug: Pin 17.
White Plug: Pins 13 and 14.


Reversing Camera

A reversing camera is an optional extra you might like to add. There are plenty of cameras available on EBay for approximately $20. There is a four-pin header on the PiBUS board to allow connection of a standard NTSC camera. The connector type on the PiBUS board is KF2510, which can be found on Ebay for peanuts. Here is a description of each pin:

Pin Name Explanation
1 REV_EN If 12V is applied to this pin, the monitor will immediately switch to the reversing camera. Normally this connection is not required, as the PiBUS board can already detect the reverse gear from an IBUS message. You could connect this to Pin1 of the Navigation Unit's purple plug, or just leave it unconnected.
2 SW_12V Switched 12V power supply. You can use this to power the camera, but may prefer to use the reversing lights as a power supply. The advantage of using this pin to power the camera is that it allows you to activate the camera even when NOT in reverse gear.
3 GND Ground for video & power supply.
4 NTSC_VID Video signal from camera.