PiBUS - A Raspberry Pi-BMW Interface Board

PiBUS Standard Edition

We've put together a package which includes everything you need to connect a Raspberry Pi to your IBUS based BMW. You get the PCB (printed circuit board) and all the electronic parts. You just need to solder and wire it up.

Assembly instructions and photos
Tech info and schematic
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Here's the list of inclusions:

What's NOT included?

Is it difficult to assemble?

Not particularly - you don't need to know how a transistor works to put it together, but some care and attention to detail is needed. If you are reasonably confident with a soldering iron, it is fairly straight forward.

What exactly does it do?

It's an all-in-one solution that plugs right ontop of the Raspberry Pi and it:


Which cars does it work in?

Contact: pete@pibus.info